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Our Custom Cake Creations feature European recipes using the freshest ingredients, such as AA Butter, Whole Eggs, pure Madagascar Vanilla, imported Cocoa and Chocolates.

Our basic cakes are white cake, yellow cake or chocolate cake. Four layers with fillings such as French Buttercream, Ganache, or enhanced with pure jams and preserves. We also create fabulously light Chocolate Mousse or Lemon Mousse fillings, Mochas, and Key Lime Bavarian fillings.

We further enhance cakes with the addition of fresh-roasted nuts such as Hazelnut, Walnut, Pecan, Pistachio or Cashew.

The final custom cake can be as unusual or simple as you desire, but be assured it will be a taste your guests will remember.

Basic cakes with Buttercreams, Jams, and Nuts - $3.00-3.50 per person. Gourmet additives priced to order.

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Two-in-One Cake

A special service we offer is typically called "The Viennese Table." Our version includes many miniature, bite-sized delicacies such as Tartlettes, Petit Fours, Truffles, Roulades, and Hungarian specialties such as Strudel, Szerbo, Londoni, Grillazs, Cream Cheese pastries, and Butter Cookies.

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